Experts in ISO tank container design and development for dedicated liquid and powder cargoes. Including direct sales, leasing, and purchase.

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Danteco Industries is a manufacturer, trader, and supplier of specialized bitumen, cement, and ISO tank containers. Across various industries and locations, Danteco provides innovative tank designs and the best service to its customers. We meet the diverse and changing needs of chemical producers, users, and logistics companies involved in the safe transportation and shipping of cargo and the storage of bitumen, asphalt, emulsion, chemicals, diesel, heavy crude oil, cement, limestone, fly ash and other bulk liquids and powders worldwide. We provide the technical and commercial expertise, a wide range of intermodal equipment, and an extensive approved depot network for its customers to reduce costs, save time and ensure safe, reliable, and efficient transportation of bulk liquids and powders.

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Leasing Equipment We offer short and long term leases of both new and existing tank containers. New tank container equipment ex. works or positioned to your place of demand and existing containers from our depots. The Lease contracts have the advantages of flexibility, which often is a necessity in an ever-changing market environment.

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Shipping & Logistics

Combining Sea, Road, Rail and Barge into the optimal transport solution Our multimodal transport network spans globally. By offering an optimal combination of deep, short sea, road, rail and barge services Danteco is able to deliver a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective transport solution.

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Experts in ISO tank container design and development for dedicated liquid and powder cargoes.
Including direct sales, lease offers, and purchases.


Bitumen Tank

Bitumen Tank Container is a tank that can transport hot bitumen re-heated by diesel (light-fuel), LPG burners, ther...

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A bitutainer is used for storing and heating binder material used in asphalt plants. Danteco has a full range and v...

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Cement Tank

Dry Bulk Powder Tank (pneumatically operated) for bulk powder is approved by international statutory authorities to...

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Bitumen Bag Decanter

The Danteco Bitumen Bag Decanter, also named big bag bitumen melting machine and bitumen melter. Via direct-fired f...

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ISO Tank Container

The T11 ISO Tank Container is an intermodal shipping container that can transport liquid, gas, and powder. It's cal...

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Chemical Tank

Chemical Tank T11 ISO tank container (for hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals)...

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Foodstuff Tank Container

Foodstuff tank container - a standard tank container that can only be loaded with foodstuff products...

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Diesel Tank

Danteco 20FT ISO T4 Diesel Tank Containers are approved by international statutory authorities for the safe transpo...

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Gas Tank Container

For Propane, LPG, and Anhydrous Ammonia, Danteco offer a T50 Gastank container. Our fleet is separated for three tr...

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Powder Tank Container

Pneumatically operated powder tank containers for bulk powder cement are approved by international statutory author...

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Offshore Tank

Danteco offers T11 Type 10FT Offshore Tank Containers in various capacities. Offshore Chemical Tank Containers are ...

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Swap Body Tank

A Swap Body Tank has a bigger tank that is larger than the frame; usually, 23 or 25 feet (7.01 or 7.62 meters) long...

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Peroxide Tank

Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2 Tank T14 is a tank suitable for the carriage of peroxide and high hazardous cargoes. Hydr...

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Lined Tank

A Lined Tank, rubber or coated is a tank suitable for acid-based chemicals...

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Reefer Tank

Reefer Tank a tank with the ability to cool the product to be transported...

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Cryogenic Tank

Cryogenic T75 Tank is a tank that is suitable for cryogenic liquid gas transportation and storage...

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Box Container

Sea Container - Box Container - Storage Container - General Cargo Container High-quality general-purpose container...

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ISO Tank Container Parts

From our Guard Europe BV warehouse in Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands, we supply you with almost any tank container ...

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Road Tanker

A wide range of stainless and carbon steel specialized liquid tankers. Chemical tankers for the transport of vario...

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ISO Tank Design and Manufacturing

ISO Tank Design and Manufacturing

ISO Tank Design and Manufacturing

We have developed various iso tank container types for clients, for example, bitutainer, bitumen tank container, swap body tank container, pneumatically operated bulk powder cement tank and electrical heated bitumen tank container, thermal-oil heated bitumen tank container, decanter tank container for bitumen, box type shipper bitumen container, chemical tank container, iso tank for various chemicals and 20FT and 40FT mobile tank station, the list goes on end on.

We are open to suggestions and are always prepared to discuss your requirements. Usually, the design of an iso tank and the container is followed up by prototype testing, acceptance, and supervision of the production.

Transport and Delivery

Transport and Delivery

Are you looking for transport or delivery services for your tank containers?

Our company can organize container transport and delivery services, even to the most remote destinations. We make sure your tank containers arrive safely, securely, and by your schedule worldwide and by "door to door" service.

Our multimodal transport network spans globally. By offering an optimal combination of deep, short sea, road, rail, and barge services, Danteco can deliver a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective transport solution. Our door-to-door service integrates collection, shipment, and delivery into a seamless transport solution. Besides door-to-door services, we also offer quay-to-quay services. This service allows customers to use an extensive shipping network with their equipment.

Transport and Delivery