Danteco Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of specialized bitumen tank cement tank and ISO tank containers. It's offering both innovative tank designs and the finest service to its customers, across a wide range of industries and locations.


We meet the diverse and changing needs of chemical producers

We meet the diverse and changing needs of chemical producers, users and logistic operators involved in the safe transport, shipping cargo and storage of bitumen, asphalt, emulsion and asphalt by bitutainer and chemicals, diesel fuel, heavy crude oils, cement, lime-stone and other bulk liquids and powders globally.

We provide the technical and commercial expertise

We provide the technical and commercial expertise, a diverse range and types of intermodal equipment, a comprehensive approved depot network for customers to minimize costs, save time and ensure safe, reliable, efficient transportation of bulk liquids and powders.


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40FT Flame Tube

19-06-2013 Hits:13695 Bitumen Tank - 40FT Flame Tube Super User

Danteco have bitumen tank design for 48,500-litre ISO bulk bitumen tank. Our bitumen tank design is ...

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20FT Thermal-Oil Type

26-03-2013 Hits:12960 Bitumen Tank Thermal-oil type Super User

20' HC T3 ISO BITUMEN TANK with Thermal-Oil (hot-oil) heating system are approved by international s...

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20FT Bulk Cement Tank 22,5CBM

25-03-2013 Hits:34845 Bulk Cement Tank Super User

20FT TANK CONTAINER FOR BULK CEMENT is approved by international statutory authorities for the safe ...

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20FT Reefer (Cool) Tank

25-03-2013 Hits:17503 Reefer Tank Super User

Danteco's 20FT ISO Reefer (Cool) Tank Containers are approved by international statutory authorities...

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20FT ISO TANK UN Portable T11 25CBM

25-03-2013 Hits:29359 ISO Tank Super User

Danteco offers T11 24/25/26,000-litre ISO Tank Containers.  All tanks are of the highest quality de...

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Danteco Tank Containers

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