Safely transport your acid-based chemicals with our Lined ISO Tank Containers

A lined ISO tank container is an intermodal shipping container designed to transport hazardous materials, such as acid-based chemicals. The container is made of steel and has a lining on the inside to prevent the chemical from coming into contact with the steel and causing corrosion. The lining can be rubber, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), or a coated material. Each type of lining has its advantages and disadvantages. Rubber linings are durable and resistant to abrasion but can be permeable to some chemicals. PTFE linings are highly chemically resistant and non-permeable, but they can be more expensive. Coated linings can be customized to provide a specific level of chemical resistance. Overall, the choice of the lining material will depend on the specific chemical being transported and the regulations that apply to its transportation.