Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container
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ISO Size 20FT ISO - 6058mm x 2438mm x 2591mm
Material Tank Body Mild / Carbon Steel

Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container (pneumatically operated) for bulk powder is approved by international statutory authorities to safely transport bulk cement, limestone, and fly ash powder products designed with a unique frame with reinforced forklift pockets. This striking frame is beneficial on depots or locations with no regular container lifting truck available with a spreader. Danteco Industries BV supplies various designs of the dry bulk powder tank. Our dry bulk powder yank is separated for four purposes: tank containers for dry bulk cement storage, short-sea, deep-sea shipping, and rail transportation.

The tank containers are suitable for transporting bulk cement, limestone, fly ash, or coal powder by rail, road, and ship. All materials used in the construction shall withstand extremes of temperature ranging from -19ºC to +80ºC / -2,2ºF to +176ºF without affecting the strength of the container.
All Danteco tank containers are of the highest quality design and construction and conform strictly to the latest international approvals.

Please note that in certain exceptional cases, the containers operated by Danteco may have specifications that differ from the descriptions above.
Also, cargo in the container must conform to the dimensional regulations and laws stipulated by the host country; thus, payload capacity may be affected. For more information or assistance, please get in touch with our office.

  • Reinforced Forklift Pockets
  • 20.000 Liter Loading capacity
  • 25.000 KG Loading weight
  • Max. Gross Weight 29,000 kg
  • 20FT ISO Full Frame Design
  • Design temp. -19ºC to +80ºC / -2,2ºF to +176ºF
  • Air source operating pressure 2~2,5 bar / 0.20~0.25 MPa
  • 4" Cam-Lock male adaptor
  • Approvals by CCS


6058mm x 2438mm x 2591mm, 3.3 bar test pressure
Year manufactured: new build

  Metric Imperial
Loading Capacity 20000 LTR (5283 US GALLONS) 4399 GALLONS
Volume Capacity 23000 LTR (6075 US GALLONS) 5059 GALLONS
Maximum Gross Weight 29000 KG 63934 LBS
Tare 4000 KG 8819 LBS
Working Pressure 2.2 bar 32 psi
Test Pressure 3.3 bar 48 psi
Relief Valve Set Pressure 2.2 bar / -0.21 bar/vac 32 psi / -3 vac/psi
Ambient Temp. Range -19°C up to +80°C -2,2°F up to +176°F
Maximum Cargo Temp 80°C 176°F
Shell Material Dia. 2400mm Cylindrical Shell Mild Steel Q345B, 4,5 mm shell, 5,0 mm dish ends.
Design Code / Approvals ASME, Section VIII, Division 1 where applicable and TIR, C.S.C., ISO/TC - 104, ISO668, ISO6346, ISO830, ISO1496/3(Edt1995), ISO1161, CCS. (China Classification Society).
Standard Fittings:
Manlid 500mm (20") diameter, 6 point fixing, 14mm x 12mm seal, located centre.
Air Source pressure 0.2~0.25 Mpa.
Air Supply ≥8 m3/min.
Air-inlet diameter 100mm cam lock type joint.
Outlet diameter 4" male adaptor.
The average speed of discharge (conveying cement to the place 30m high, 30m far) Cement: 1.0~1.5 t/min.
Remnant Ratio % cement: ≤0.3 (Cement: Not more than 100kg).
Gaskets & Seals Parts in contact with cargo, PTFE/Teflon.
Pipe System The dry compressed airflow via a 100 mm cam-lock type joint enters into the main pipe
with a 2.5" one-way valve, a 2" safety valve, 1/2"safety valve, and a pressure gauge, then goes into two air cavities at each side of the inside of the tank through two branch pipes which separately connected to the tank and main pipe. Another airflow goes through a 1" ball valve and a 1" one-way valve into the unloading pipe to speed up unloading cement. The diameter of the main pipe is 76mm, and the branch pipe is 57mm.
Unloading pipe 4" steel pipe. One discharge butterfly valve and one 4" male adaptor are fixed on the discharge pipe.
Document Holder / Earth Fitted @ the rear end, suitable for shipping documents, MSDS, etc. Earth is located at the rear.
Data Plate / Markings Stainless steel data plate detailing specifications fitted rear end.
Frame The frame comprises front and rear-ends frames, top and bottom. Each end frame is constructed by two (2) corner posts, top and bottom end rails, and four (4) thick diagonal corner plates.
Side rails, two (2) barrel supports, two (2) saddles, and eight (8) corner fittings.
Walkway 400MM-wide non-slip steel. One longitudinal walkway and three short transverse walkways at the front and rear and adjacent to the rear of the manhole’s spill-box. Steel-nets walkways galvanized to 10un thickness.
Handrail (Optional) Intergraded at the top rail

Actual measurements and specifications may vary and are subject to confirmation. 
Tank containers are supplied per the manufacturer's (Danteco Industries BV) general trading terms and conditions.

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