Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL Diesel Burner MAX8 TL
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Type MAX8 TL
Brand Ecoflam

Diesel Burners are specially tuned for Danteco’s bitumen tank containers. Having acquired a wealth of experience through our work with professionals in the field, we supply a new generation of diesel burners that combine improved performance, precision, and reliability.

MAX Burners 8 TL is designed for the combustion of domestic fuel oil following national standards:
MAX Burners 8 TL is a single-stage, fully- automatic monoblock-type burner.
It is suitable for use, within its range of performance, with boilers complying with EN 303 or hot-air generators, in line with DIN 4794, DIN 30697, or EN 621.

The Max8 range is a small but versatile burner, and it is its small depth that allows this burner to fit many wall-hung boilers.

Other advantages include:

  • Can burn bio-diesel up to B10
  • Industry-standard components meaning that parts are widely available and relatively inexpensive
  • A highly efficient fan ventilation system (HPV) allows easy matching with high combustion chamber back pressure boilers.
  • Electrical wiring is easy to disassemble for maintenance
  • The combustion head is quick to assemble and adjust
  • Single bolt burner fixing with the possibility of securing it to the flange in three different positions
  • Adjustable Air damper with progressive micrometric air regulation
  • Monoblock electrodes for easy installation into the nozzle, even after maintenance

MAX8 TL Light Fuel-Oil (Diesel) Burner 47/105 kW

  • Max8 TL burner 47/105 kW 
  • The long-burning head can burn biodiesel up to B10.
  • Output range: 47-105 kW
  • It supports multi-flame detection and features active flame sensor control.
  • Highly efficient ventilation system (HPV).

Main features:

  • Wholly sealed aluminum casting with a new modern design cover
  • A new high-efficiency fan ventilation system (HPV) allows easy matching with high combusting chamber backpressure boilers.
  • Compact burner dimensions with low noise levels.
  • New air damper with progressive micrometric air regulation adjustable in 3 positions.
  • Combustion head easy to assemble and adjust for fine setup.
  • New electrical wiring is simple to disassemble for easy maintenance.

Electrical connection

The electrical installation and the burner connection must comply with the current standards.
The burner is delivered with a 7-pole male plug used to connect the single-phase 230V - 50-60Hz power supply to the earth and thermostats.

Oil Connection

The tubes are connected to the piping using R 3/8 connectors. Allow enough slack for burner removal.

Overview Diesel Burner versions MAX Type

Scope of delivery:

The burner packaging also contains:
1 connection-clamping flange with insulation, one (1) bag containing installation fittings
1 bag containing Technical Documentation

Specifications Model: MAX8 TL

Type MAX 8 TL
Burner Power 47 - 105 KW
Fuel oil flow rate 4,0 – 8,9 kg/h
Nozzle 1, 00 – 1,75  60° vollkegel
Electric motor 100 Watt
Voltage 230V – 50-60 Hz
Electrical power consumption 350W
Flame monitor Photocell - Photorisitor
Full automatic burner Fuel (HBO I) EN267 Light Oil (L.C.V. 10.2000 kcal/kg max. visc 1,5°E at 20°C)

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